The Engine That Powers The World


Mark’s new engineering documentary exploring the history of the Diesel engine – The Engine that Powers the World – will air for the first time on BBC4 on Wednesday 23rd September at 9pm.  It is part of BBC4’s acclaimed Timeshift strand.

It is a film that Mark has wanted to make for a very long time.  At a time when Diesel engines are getting quite a lot of stick – and for understandable reasons – it’s easy to forget (if you’ve ever even thought about it in the first place !) just how important the Diesel engine has been to the development of our modern world. For instance, today, measured in the distance goods travel from their manufacture to their point of sale, 94% of global trade is diesel-powered. If you put all the containers stacked on one of the largest container ships on a train, it would be a staggering 91km long.  That’s a continuous chain of carriages from London to Oxford !

Love them or loathe them, Mark thinks it’s time we gave Rudolf Diesel’s remarkable invention a little more love.

Mark’s 60 minute film has been produced in-house by BBC Arts.  It is packed with extraordinary archive clips and features everything from tractors to trucks, submarines to shunters and cars to container ships. Even the Luftwaffe gets a look in !

Find out more about Mark’s latest film – The Engine that Powers the World


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