Foxes Live

Foxes Live

This live event about those increasingly cunning urban foxes was commissioned by Channel 4 because, on the morning the idea was pitched, the Big Boss at the Channel bumped in to one on the street outside her house. I can’t tell you how long that took to arrange!

The concept was simple. Set up an outdoor studio in front of Battersea Power Station – why not, there was nothing else going on there at the time – and invite the lovely Channel 4 audience to share with us online their urban fox pics, clips and carefully considered views about these little red rascals.

Well. It all kicked off. Apparently, according to the adorable, sandal-clad geeks at Channel 4 HQ, we managed to generate the second biggest web traffic in Channel 4’s history – second only to the most popular ever Big Brother eviction.

And, thanks to the Beeb launching Planet Earth Live the same week, the TV critics had a field day debating the point of ‘live’ natural history. Our very feisty British foxes came off rather better than poor Mr Hammond did in the Masai Mara.

Oh, and we also managed to generate some new science. Not often a TV show manages that.



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