Eggs Live

Eggs Live

Invented by a bunch of scruffy, slightly geeky, but frighteningly clever young scientists from Shoreditch, who have turned their attention to TV, what’s not to love about a live Egg event over the Easter weekend.  Genius.

The urban fox fiesta that we’d all done together a year before had gone down so well that the head mistress at Channel 4 asked the class to come up with the next big thing.  And my uber cool friends at Windfall Films didn’t disappoint.  In under a week, they converted a deep house dance dungeon into a hi-tech hatchery, moved in 16,000 ripe eggs (of every kind), rigged it with a truck-load of cameras and flicked on the switch marked ‘Internet’.

I was joined by the very chirpy Jimmy Docherty and the very lovely Lucy Cooke, but the undoubted star of the show was Kevin the Emu.  Obligingly, he decided to crack on and enter our crazy world a little under 10 minutes in to episode 2.  Now that’s the definition of good timing !

I love these kind of kick, bollock, scramble live events because they are such a challenge.  What’s it they say ? Never work with children or animals.  To that should be added….even those that haven’t been born yet.  But, if you do, make sure it’s live !

Eggs Live was nominated for a Panda Innovation Award at the WildScreen Film Festival.



Channel 4, Prime Time
Live, Multi-platform Event
Specialist Factual
Main Presenter
2 x 60’ Live
8 x shorts
Windfall Films


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