A Car Is Reborn: E Type

A Car Is Reborn: E Type

I have loved E Types ever since I can remember. Me and E Types are of a similar vintage. The E Type was launched in 1961. I came along a year later. The first one I lusted over was a coupe in gun metal grey with a red leather interior. It belonged to the grandfather of my best friend at primary school. I can see it, and smell it, now.

So, when Discovery asked if I might like to do a restoration project for my third workshop series, there was only one car on my list.

My first port of call was to a Jaguar restoration workshop in Surrey called Southern Classics. Steve and Lee helped me find a suitable car and we filmed the total nut and bolt restoration in their workshop.

What a beautiful, beautiful car. Jaguar invited me to take it along to the company’s Centenary celebrations. Quite an honour.

When you think how much E Types have gone up in value over the last ten years, I really wish I had been able to hang on to it. But, sadly, even then, it was well out of my reach.



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