Over the years, quite a few Channels and TV production companies have been brave enough to give me a go. Thank you. You have made my wife a much happier woman than she was when I first decided to dive headlong in to a world I knew nothing about!

In this section you’ll find a bit of background blurb about some of my more recent shows. Many of them I have also helped produce. Although most of the programmes I present are recorded, I also host live, multi-camera, studio shows and multi-platform events.

As well as grafting directly for the BBC, I have also worked with many independent production companies, large and small.  On the left are links to a few programmes we have made together.  I have tried to divide them up under headings associated with the different hats I wear. Inevitably, there’s overlap, especially between the vet stuff and my exploits as a science explorer. Just click on the links and browse away.