Over the years I have written columns, fact files and features for a range of magazines and newspapers covering natural history, animal care and classic cars. I enjoy photography, and take my Nikon D800 kit wherever practical and my Canon G12 is always in my rucksack. My poor Mac is groaning under the weight of the accumulated photo files. One day I’ll get round to sorting them out when I finally write about the crazy expeditions I’ve been lucky enough to go on and the adventures I’ve had.

Here are a couple of examples, one more recent and the other from when I first started writing. A bit of nostalgia. Aahh !

At the same time as restoring my MGB for the Discovery TV series An MG Is Born, I also wrote a series of ten features for the popular classic car magazine Practical Classics. Here’s episode three.

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I have written regular columns and Q&A’s for Dogs Today and Your Cat magazines. But, I started out at Good Housekeeping Here’s one of my very first pieces

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