Mark secures access to film extraordinary E Type epic


Back in 2002, a 15-part TV series followed Mark’s workshop adventures restoring the wreck of a 1965 E Type roadster.  It was Discovery Network International’s most successful lifestyle format and has been on air all around the world ever since.  Jaguar chose the car to represent the E Type in its Centenary celebrations.  Ever since, Mark has been obsessed with E Types.

So, big news !  Mark and Channel 4 have secured access to film behind-the-scenes at Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operations and Heritage divisions as they build the last six E Types ever to be made.  It’s a project that started back in 1963 when Jaguar committed to build 18 lightweight, aluminium-bodied race cars.  But they only built 12.  Now, over 50 years later, they are finally finishing what they started. 

The original cars are now the most valuable E Types ever made.  Each of the six new cars will be hand-built by Jaguar in Coventry to the same specification as the originals.  They will cost over £1million a piece.  And, it won’t be the first six super-rich sports car fans to turn up with the dosh who’ll get the cars.  Oh no.  The big cheeses at Jaguar will personally select the six lucky owners from over 300 applications.  Billionaires aren’t renowned for being best-pleased when they’re told they can’t have what they want.  Should be interesting !

The 1 x 60’ documentary has been commissioned by Channel 4’s Features Department and will be co-produced by Mark’s company, Jungle TV, and Arrow Media.  It will air later this year.  The working title is The Car Money Can’t Buy.

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