It’s a funny word, corporate. And, I’m not sure it’s the best or even the right word to describe this section of my website. What I mean by it, I guess, is the more commercial bit of what I do. Think of it as ‘me for hire’.

I say ‘hire’. As is the usual way with these things, a brown envelope stuffed with cash normally changes hands – but, not always. Sometimes, I do things for free, because it feels good.

Whether it’s a voice-over, a speech, hosting an event, offering some business insight and ideas or endorsing a campaign, I have a number of hats I can wear as a vet, science explorer and petrol head. Occasionally, I am all three.

Although my natural style is informal, and my default dress code is what I wore yesterday, I actually scrub up reasonably well if given a bit of notice. So, please don’t be put off by the shorts and Blunnies. They are Australian work boots, in case you think it’s some kind of skin affliction.

Two decades without a proper job has left me with lots of stories to tell and I love to share. I’ve tracked giant pythons in the Everglades; sat next to a dead hippo in Zambia for ten days to see what ate it; entered the break-away republic of Abkhazia against Foreign Office advice; dissected an elephant in front of a live audience; and built a helicopter, amongst other assorted macho machines. All with quite a lot of help I hasten to add ! It’s a small world, so they say. But, having been lucky enough to romp all over it, my impression is that it’s a lot bigger than those people might think.

Over the years I have worked with various companies and organisations on print, radio, TV, online and live event projects.  I especially like radio as you don’t need to wash. To all those companies I have worked with, thank you. If we haven’t yet,then may be we can change that. Hope so.

So there we go. Corporates. Whatever they are, I like them. And, not least because they do terribly nice sandwiches.