Over the years, quite a few channels and TV production companies have been brave enough to give me a go. Thank you. You have made my wife a much happier woman than she was when I first decided to dive headlong in to a world I knew nothing about. But, to be honest, she remains flummoxed as to why anyone would choose to put me on screen. “I HAVE to look at you” she says. “But other people? Really? Is that fair?”

In this section you’ll find a bit of background blurb about some of my more recent shows. Many of them I have also helped produce. If truth be known, I enjoy producing stuff more than presenting it. But the combo seems to work quite well. So, while I’m still vaguely presentable and coherent, I’ll keep trying my best at the presenting lark. TV execs are not renowned for their sensitivity on this subject, so they’ll soon let me know when the time has come to head off screen.

Although most of the programmes I present are recorded, I also host live, multi-camera, studio shows – always a bit scary, but always exciting.  My poor adrenal glands.  I learned a huge amount from co-hosting a 30-part live show for BBC1 with the very lovely, and frighteningly professional, Clare Balding.

As well as grafting directly for the BBC, I have also worked with many independent production companies, large and small.  On the left are links to a few programmes we have made together.  I have tried to divide them up under headings associated with the different hats I wear. Inevitably, there’s overlap, especially between the vet stuff and my exploits as a science explorer. Just click on the links and browse away.