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A Chopper is Born DVD A Chopper is Born DVD

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Where do you go after building a car and then a plane? A helicopter! The ultimate in DIY projects.

Helicopters are now not just the province of the super-rich. For just over £40,000 you can build a helicopter that would not look out of place in the world's most glamotous HeliParks.

A Chopper is Born follows the step-by-step build of a fully functioning helicopter from a kit - a Rotorway Exec 162F, the world's most successful helicopter kit.

The aircraft takes more than 500 man hours to complete and we follow it from manufacture at the factory right the way through to painting and upholstery.

Presenter Mark Evans also travels to the Rotorway factory in Phoenix, Arizona, to see the components manufactured from scratch.

Osh Kosh, near Chicago, is the setting for the world's largest air show. The annual jamboree for North American aircraft builders and restorers, it attracts over 30,000 aircraft and visitors from around the world. Here we meet other amateur enthusiasts who have built and flown their own rotor-craft, from kit builders to one-off designers.

Bonus Material:
Me and My Chopper

Running Time: 180 minutes (approx)

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Our Price:  £12.24  (Including: VAT at 20%)

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Our Price:  £23.48  (Including: VAT at 20%)